Environmental management in accordance with EMAS

For over fifteen years, Werner & Mertz has implemented a system of integrated environmental management with the aim of conserving raw materials, protecting the environment, optimising the use of resources and reducing costs. Since 2003, we have this management system and our progress in conserving resources regularly validated by an independent auditor in accordance with EMAS.

EMAS stands for Eco-Management and Audit Scheme of the European Union and is a combination of environmental management and environmental audit scheme. Any company, authority or association can participate – in short: any organisation that wants to improve its environmental performance, regardless of its size or the industry in which it operates.

"With EMAS, the most comprehensive and demanding environmental certification, we can show how consistently our sustainability philosophy is actually lived and practised in our company. EMAS thus makes a major contribution to further increasing the high level of confidence of our customers in our products. EMAS is not a state but a path or a process: the longer you are on the EMAS path, the more comprehensive your commitment to the environment becomes."

Reinhard Schneider,
CEO, Werner & Mertz GmbH, Mainz

The EMAS organisations are independently assessed by state-accredited environmental auditors. Participation is voluntary and is funded by the organisations themselves. EMAS is considered the most demanding and high-quality environmental management system currently on the market.

What makes EMAS so special?

  • High environmental standards are continually developed further
  • And annually evaluated
  • By independent auditors
  • According to strictest EU criteria.
  • Employees are actively involved and trained.

Environmentally conscious and responsible companies like Werner & Mertz use this instrument extensively. They send important signals about sustainability to business as a whole, but are not able to fully profit from the benefits of EMAS because of EU restrictions.

Because EMAS is considered a production and plant-based certification, the EU Commission prohibits the use of the logo on products and their packaging because products are not always produced in one location. The ban on advertising with EMAS on products, however, also affects companies like Werner & Mertz that are completely EMAS certified.

“We believe the broadening from originally production-related to increasingly product-related criteria is reason enough to put the EMAS logo on the product as well,” says Reinhard Schneider, CEO of Werner & Mertz.

Particularly in times of great uncertainty among consumers, we consider it necessary to make product and production-related information more accessible to the public. We are therefore committed to ensuring that EMAS is more widely known as a seal for an environmentally conscious value chain for production and product.

10 Years EMAS

Impressions from the panel discussion about “EMAS in the perception of a sustainable society“ with the former foreign minister Joschka Fischer, Jan Hoeve of the European Commission Directorate-General Environment and CEO Reinhard Schneider on the 10th of October 2013.

EMAS is the world’s most demanding system for sustainable environmental management. Reinhard Schneider as well as Joschka Fischer underscored during the panel discussion the advantages that a more liberal use of the EMAS logo could bring.

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