Biodiversity projects

Our cooperative efforts

We are very concerned with protecting, maintaining and promoting biological diversity. That’s why Werner & Mertz, an ecologically oriented and socially responsible company, is engaged in projects and cooperative efforts with others. We put a very high priority on protecting species diversity, maintaining local biodiversity and safeguarding river habitats and bodies of water. We cooperate with local and international environmental and nature conservation organisations. With our partners we strive to achieve concrete goals:

BOS Deutschland e.V.

BOS Deutschland e.V. fights for the survival of the orangutan and the Indonesian rain forest. The beneficiaries of this engagement include not only the flora and fauna in the rain forest, but also humans and the climate. » learn more

Frosch protects frogs

The project "Frosch protects frogs" has existed since 1998. NABU Rheinland-Pfalz and Werner & Mertz work together to conserve the natural habitat of the tree frog in the Rheinauen wetlands. » learn more

Nature discovery area AuenLand

In cooperation with NABU, Werner & Mertz maintains the nature discovery area AuenLand. Visitors can experience nature and biological diversity up close in a variety of biotope exhibits. » learn more

Biological diversity on company grounds

With help from NABU, we developed many ways to increase biodiversity on our company grounds in Mainz and Hallein, Austria. » learn more

LIFE Project: Transition mires in Hochwald

Since 2015 Werner & Mertz has supported the LIFE Project “Restoration and conservation of sloping and transition mires in low mountain range Hunsrück (Hochwald area)”. Since the regeneration of the moors and bogs in Hochwald, several animal and plant species have been re-established. » learn more

WWF: Morava-Dyje floodplains in Austria

Together with WWF, our company in Hallein is engaged in the conservation of the unusual species diversity in the Austrian Morava-Dyje floodplains. » learn more

Austrian Alpine Club

In cooperation with the Alpine Club, Werner & Mertz in Austria strives to maintain the balance of flora and fauna critical to their survival in native mountain habitats. » learn more